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Updating 4.0.01 • Answers of developers

Так как все ненавидят, заходя в очередной блог, видеть репост того, что уже есть на определенном сайте, форуме, и т.д... Всех русскоязычных игроков проследовать на форум, дабы узреть ответы разработчиков на великом и могучем языке, в котором можно все. =) Да, вам собственно сюда.
The others(not Russians) can read answers in English. Players of Germany, you it is a pity to me, but without looking at that I live in the suitable language environment, it is easier to me to translate article into English.
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At present Allods Team works over the solution of the problems connected with instability of the game client. Today we interviewed developers where they answered the most often asked questions, on changes occurred in game with the Frosty Patterns updating.
Comment, please, on a situation with magicians. With what such changes are connected?

The magician was counted with loss excess in ice and especially in electricity. And it is valid, the magician and the bard had more DPS, than other classes. While the magician had a competitor in this area in the form of the bard, it was tolerant, though on the verge. But in connection with weakening of bards the decision to lower by it overestimated DPS was made at the same time, and, respectively, there was a need to lower overestimated by traffic police and to magicians.

Why the decision to clean Dragon Shape and authority from the Dead City was made?
All know that in Tep's Pyramid now we kill only the first boss, and the others at this stage are unattainable. Whether therefore there is a wish to learn there will be other way to receive DS from DC?
What to do to guilds that didn't yet close the Dead City and didn't manage to receive DS, it turns out that they will strongly lag behind and won't be able to go to the Pyramid in the next half a year?

The dead City isn't calculated under 51-52 lime with inserted violet and is higher semi-precious stones. In such equipment it is trivial. And DS which falls in it, it is an award that who didn't regret efforts and I mastered a difficult content, instead of I came in strongly lagged behind it on the DC level and in the weakened mode I received with the minimum efforts that, on what others spent incomparable forces and resources.

It is also necessary to remember that 45 DS in game remained. And wishing can descend and receive it. The difference between 45 and 51 DS isn't so essential. And in itself DS isn't the basic bonus, capable to slow down or accelerate development of the character therefore it is impossible to say that those who didn't receive 51 DS, lagged behind forever.

And finally we can tell that we consider opportunity to return DS to DC. It is possible that we will return DS to MG, having slightly strengthened its (DC), so that it absolutely wasn't trivial (not to the PT level certainly).

Why there is no snow in Sarnaut for New year?

Unfortunately, now in game there is no such mechanics with which help it would be possible to make "temporary" snow in the capitals. But we don't give up hope to find the decision next year.

In updating the task for Greatness was strongly simplified, whether any compensation will be given out to the players who have received it earlier? As it was with opening of the 3rd layer in due time.

Compensations it isn't planned. We will gradually reduce requirements of the passable stages of development of the character not to allow very heavy expenses for new players. For example, in a year, in the following large updating, it is possible to expect further simplification of obtaining greatness and island construction. Only to you to solve, whether it is worth doing Greatness / to build the island now or to wait for the moment when it becomes even simpler.

The already many finished construction of the personal island, but still it doesn't bring special benefit. When it is worth waiting for emergence of a new content on it?

Exact terms we can't call, works yet in a final stage, but they are conducted. Approximately in the spring.

Whether are going to change in the near future Archers and Necromancers? Whether there are plans on other classes?

Plans to remake other classes aren't present. There are plans to reconsider a loss of Necromancers and Priests. On scouts while plans aren't present but if it becomes clear that they are noncompetitive, on them there can quite be any changes.

The current changes of classes look serious, whether will be sent to Dead water?

No. We don't consider them so serious – the class remained quite effective, without changing build.

Why after updating there was no recalculation by quantity of open sectors in an astral?

The players opening them earlier, lost nothing. We didn't change the speed of opening of the card, changed value on which sectors open. That opening percent – only a consequence of changed that now it is necessary to open less, at those who used cards earlier, everything was automatically reckoned, and anything they shouldn't recalculate. Players who postponed cards to open after updating, won nothing as a result.

What will be farther with the Dominion? Whether influence random will be reduced by "turn blue" of sectors and carrying out fights? Whether there will be again road PvP? Whether influence of the Dominion on inflow of stones (violet an astral now brings more stones) will be increased?Progress of opening of the card of an astral is now so overestimated that the Dominion completely loses the relevance. Why to hold at itself 6-7 150% of sectors if the astral gives stones more, and the card opens by 3 times more slowly, than you collect a full set from available semi-precious stones? The dominion has to be a bonus, instead of a useless appendage.

We plan serious alterations of the Dominion in the following updating. The system of rates, planning of matches and many other things will change.
"Turn blue" remains casual, but becomes faster, sectors of one percentage group will "become blue" completely in 2 weeks.
Road PvP now in work, it will be carried out within the Dominion.
Influence of the Dominion on progress of the character won't be strengthened – we don't want to do players not participating in the Dominion absolutely noncompetitive.

Whether Tep's Pyramid will be changed? Whether there will be an additional motivator for a campaign in raid how it was with Dead City? The current situation such is that the first boss is killed very easily, and the others it is simple "oneshoot" players. Unlike the Dead City of motivation, for a campaign on Friday it is less: there are neither resources for own island, nor components for greatness, other useful alternatives upsets players. DS still it isn't considered a worthy motivator for a campaign in raid.

PT following for the first bosses are calculated on higher level of equipment, than that players have now. You shouldn't underestimate its efficiency. Just in case we will carry out soon additional tests of their complexity.

About motivation – yes, I agree. Motivations, in comparison with DC, it is less. If there are interesting ideas that could be such motivation – we with pleasure will listen to them.

What changes are expected in an astral? Clear, please, the current situation on the example of several points:

  1. Resistance from astral monsters aren't present, at the moment the astral is passed in "farmbuild" the maximum AOE, mobs are pulled together to the boss and killed all together.
  2. To fly behind cards to open progress – very uninteresting occupation for full violet, such plug why is made? There is a fear that when I will overcome such plug, it will be cleaned, and all lagging behind players joyfully will rush to submit a content of "violet islands" together with me on an equal basis. Why to me was to win "race of arms"?
  3. Why there is no normal complexity in PVE, how 29+ in last season why are so ridiculously calculated protective stats of astral monsters? Interest simply to cross this content on a diagonal isn't present. It is played it only because it "is necessary".

  1. It is initial level. It will be more difficult further.
  2. Won race seldom remains for nothing, doesn't remain and this time.
  3. At the beginning of last season too wasn't 29+, and in the beginning in the same way mobs didn't resist. Consider that in game many people being at different levels of equipment and a runnost. For many the current "blue" content is rather difficult.

Whether the available system of battlegrounds will change? Very much upsets a casual set of players on fight in battlegrounds. To kill crowd green it is boring, to receive in the same crowd green from 3-4 tops of the opponent – too. It would be desirable to see the PVP-rating and to get on BG with equal players on a rating.

Yes, such problem is, but it is deeper, than it seems. Not to solve it a usual rating. And it isn't necessary in principle, it would be possible to manage the accounting of level of equipment, and it would be rather effective.

But what I pound to define, what the character has a rating 100500 and it is bad to send it to play with "crowd green" when in turn on BG except it only these one green, as usual and happens? Not to send it to play in general and to send to play only green without it? To send to play with itself? To keep waiting, won't come yet 23 more same? And what if they never will come – after all characters with ratings 100500 a little, and them in general can exist less than 23?

And it still simple case. And if to remember that actually this "the crowd green" among themselves too very strongly differs that from height 100500 ratings, of course, aren't visible, but very much even it is visible to these "green", and that else there are League and the Empire which can't play in one team, but differ on density of population twice, depth of a problem becomes even more clear.

The problem isn't absolutely unsoluble. For example, it would be possible to force all players to play fixed time once a day, so that was from whom to choose when forming teams. Or to allow to play to League and the Empire in one team and to make teams a method of equalizing of the sum of ratings from both parties. But such decisions in itself have the mass of shortcomings, such that they outweigh advantage in the form of attempt to gather rather "honest" match.

In addition, we yet didn't touch on less obvious issue. Let's present that we and have an opportunity to select equal players. Improvement of equipment/force of the character would lead to that to it would start selecting more difficult rivals and consequently, to reduce chances of a victory. Thereby the system "punishes" the player for development of the character, reducing incentive it to be engaged, thus, undermining in general bases of all genre of MMO.

Whether tell, please, soon to expect alteration of Warriors?

In the following updating (not hotfix). I.e. approximately within 2 months. However we won't exclude small probability of that by this time we can not manage to test the updated soldier.

I congratulate all on coming holidays! TankoDrul'

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