16 декабря 2012 г.

P2P • Questions and answers

At a forum the subject was open:
Subscription: questions and answers. 
Representatives of Allods Team answered many important questions which have sounded since the first announcement of the new server. Up to December 17 you can leave the questions in this subject. Answers to most interesting of them will be added in the list.
I specially for you translated all questions which were obvious and are described by developers. Whether will enter such type of the game gPotato in Europe and the USA it isn't known yet.

Whether there will be at the disposal of followers any additional paid services on the new server?

There are only 2 services which have no relation to a choice like server. It is transfer of the character from fraction in fraction and his name change. In the future followers will be able to pay them separately if it is required to them. For the rest, followers will be able to pay only game time.

What means lack of the Bench of Rarities?
It means that on the server with a subscription there will be no many bonuses of strengthening of the character and speed of his development. That is runes, fifth protection, essences, elixirs etc. The majority of lartsovy bonuses and volumes - too.

Whether will make it game too difficult?
No, because we consider difficulties, which can arise. Game process doesn't become simpler, but we also care of that it not became is insuperable the difficult.

How process of receiving that part of goods of the Bench of Rarities which will remain on the subscription server will be realized?
They can be bought for gold or to receive tasks/murder of monsters in an award for performance.

What goods can be referred to this category?
First of all - subjects for comfortable game. Storages, loud-hailers, symbol for change of gildeysky symbolics, coupons for change of appearance of the ship, Forty - the assistant. Also there will be a wedding set and some other pleasant bonuses.

Aromas after all won't be?
Yes. All patrons are by default favorable to followers.

And what will be with redistribution of skills and talents?
Live and Dead Water too isn't required. Each class instructor will provide such service for gold.

What riding means will be available on the server with a subscription?
Meanwhile - all what are at the moment presented in the Bench of Rarities on free servers. That is horse, wolf, lion, rhinoceros and griffin.

Whether there will be an opportunity to transfer the character from the free server to the subscription?
No, it will put players of the podpisochny server in unequal conditions that is unacceptable. On free servers the character can quicker develop at the expense of subjects from the Bench of Rarities. Even if to withdraw these bonuses at transfer, there will be a saved-up progress. We consider that it is unfair in relation to followers.

And the return transfer too is impossible?
First such opportunity won't be. Whether there will be it in the future - will show time.

Whether to players time of professional works on the subscription server will be compensated?
Yes, we provided compensation mechanism when carrying out long scheduled maintenance.

Whether it is possible to pay a subscription crystals?
No. The appropriate section will be open for subscription extension on an official site.

What name will receive the subscription server?
We gave it the name "Destiny Thread".
Now there is a free testing of the subscription server.

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