10 декабря 2012 г.

Breaking News • PTS of 4.0.1 & other

News from Russian-speaking servers!

On December 10 in "Allods Online"(RU) the stock "Searches of the Damned Treasure" starts. By means of Maps of Destiny and Compasses of the Patron everyone can find a way to infinite riches!

During an action subjects, similar which you yet didn't see on open spaces Sarnauta will be played:
  1. Horses of the Apocalypse of the 5th rank: War, Famine, Pest and Death;
  2. Decorative shoulder straps;
  3. Powerful essences for your class, more the strong, than normal;
  4. Bag of the horseback rider of an apocalypse (inside you will find a suit, a headdress and mantles "The Last Hour") and many other things!

"The Last Hour" set

In the next few days updating 4.0.1 testing will be begun. Developers will fill in the section of a forum where all will be able to describe the problems revealed during test game.

The sample taken with PvP activity "Trade wars"
Updating 4.0.1: Trade wars
Please, consider rules in case of compilation of reports. It considerably will facilitate their processing.
1 . The patch version (its number at which always it is possible to look in a launcher).
2 . Name/race/class/level of the character.
3 . Location of the character at the time of error detection - the zone/subband/island name / инстанса etc. If a problem with a quest, specify the quest name.
4 . Accurate and clear way of reproduction of a bug - step by step describe, what actions need to be undertaken to reproduce the problem described by you. If the problem repeats not always, mark this fact. Please, accurately select points 4 and 5 in your report on an error.
5 . The actual result - what you watch.
6 . Expected result - what you expected in case of execution of your actions.
7 . If the screenshot visually illustrates a problem, don't forget it to make and to put. In the graphics editor (for example MS Paint) can be marked, on what it is necessary to pay attention.
8 . Please correctly enter names мобов, NPS, names something is will significantly reduce time for reproduction and bug fixes.
9 . If there is any additional information which you consider significant for understanding and reproduction of this bug, add the description of a bug this information.

Further I plan to make the review.
With the best regards, I.

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