15 декабря 2012 г.

About mount • Manabike

So- people, who disemboweled the client of game with PTS, already shared some information.  I hurry will share it with you. 

Unfortunately information hasn't enough and actually on a separate post not so approaches, but for the reference.
It will be possible to receive Manabike from 
Larts the Commander.

Part of a bike

Whole bike

It will work a bike with manabattery:

It is known only of three abilities, but any concrete information, about mechanics of work isn't present:


That's all!

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  1. What are the costs of each ability, how many charges will the battery give, ect

    1. I regret, but this information anywhere isn't present. The action with larets on the Russian servers will be soon enough. Itself I want to try to win for the sake of such Easter Egg a bike, but chances are illusive... in any case I will be able to receive information almost at once (within days) after start.

    2. I forgot- right now I process a twenty-minute roller made with Fraps, I think that I will finish during the day and you will be able to look at Astral Academy (4.0.1)


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