7 декабря 2012 г.

About classes • Warrior & necromancer

Developers confirmed hearings about change of the classes "warrior" and "necromancer"!

Translation of the message:
I don't know from where at you hearings about loosening of magicians and disconnects of medical abilities at necromancers. Warrior will be changed soon, but not in 4.0.1 as we aren't in time. Nobody will change magicians. Necromancers will change, but only after warriors.
Unfortunately, while details didn't report but as soon as there will be an information, directly everything I will translate and describe!

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  1. Excuse me,
    "Necromancers will change, but only after soldiers."
    Soldiers = Warrior, in this sentence? I do not understand :s

    1. I'm stupid... =)
      I used different words designating the same class... I corrected.

    2. I think that when class testings will begin, I will surely go and participate, but it for certain will be next year... Т_Т

    3. What do you think they will change in these classes? :)

      ps: I am disappointed not to see a loosing of Paladin who is abnormally strong in the European version(3.5)! Has he been changes in version 4.0? I do not remember reading that in the patch note :s

    4. No- without changes... I think that with warrior and necromancer will same. ^w^

    5. Not so fuckin- they make more DPS for this two classes too. Prorably, after necromancer will druids, coz we have so few changes. =__=

    6. If all classes are high level Paladin, PVP will be a contest of OneShot T.T
      I played for 2 years as tribalist. I stopped to version 3.5 to play Bard that I find much more interresting in pvp :)

    7. Tribalist=Druid?
      I played with my druid, but now I will be pumped over with mystic-regeneration(40lvl)...

    8. Yes sorry, a druid^^

      I'm not sure I understood your sentence. You want to change your class to play a psionic (mystic)?
      I love this class (mystic) in pvp but the bard is the best ♥_♥

      ps: sorry, I flood your blog >_<

    9. It's okay :)
      Here: http://allodsfueralles.blogspot.de/2012/08/blog-post.html
      but now I'm 40 lvl :)

  2. Ok ! "reincarnation" not "regeneration" ^^
    I wish you much fun on your mystical !


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