20 декабря 2012 г.

4.0.1 • Обновление устанавливается на сервера

For a start I suggest to read a patch notes. It is available to the Russian players here, and for players from other countries I publish here.
Для начала предлагаю прочесть патч ноут. Для русских игроков он доступен тут, а для игроков из других стран публикую здесь.

• Mercenaries revive now when the character who has employed them disengages or is restored to life.
• Incorrect display of the Suit of the Influential Druid dress is corrected.
• Now when using a chest of the recruit the character doesn't dismount from a riding animal.
• Game settings are available now on the authorization screen.
• The error because of which the subject "Oplechye of the Doctor Mislaid in an Astral" in a window of equipment of the character wasn't displayed is corrected.
• The background image of the screen of authorization is animated now.
• The hello message for new characters is changed.
• Semi-precious stones can be added now in one cell on 100 pieces.
• Quest "The worthy transaction" it is deleted from game.
• Now music in the main menu can be made more silent or to switch off directly from the main menu. The Options button settles down in a window of input of login and the password.
• To hand over the glory Character, now it is rather simple to use it.
• Receiving a rank Great is changed. The amount of amalgam necessary for purchase of the Emblem of Greatness is reduced. The quantity of Backs of the account book given out in a week is increased. For part of a map of an astral 1 Emblem of Greatness, for part of a map of a mysterious astral - 2 Emblems of Greatness is given. In a cave - Ric now it is possible to receive 2 Emblems of Greatness for job execution, thus astral keys aren't required any more. The exchange of Emblems of Opposition for Greatness Emblems is remote.
• Now on a map icons of important not game characters are displayed.
• In case of a pass at the character the status of a row of activated abilities ("Aura of astral power", "Aura of ferocity", etc.) won't be dropped.
• Great now can switch to the second edge of development everywhere, including on the Arena of Death and in Catacombs джунов, being out of fight.
• In case of a pass at the character the status of the assistant (сороки, etc.) won't be dropped.
• The price of cinnabar is reduced three times.
• Design of a start adventure of League and the Empire is finished - visual and audio effects are added.
• To test a new profession "Weapon business", you can use omniy, on sale in the Bench of Rarities.
Crystals can be received, having used the special purses which are on sale in the Bench of Rarities at the price of 0 crystals.
You can acquire only 10 purses at the price of 0 bonus crystals.

Bench of Rarities
• The description of an astral replicator by information that it will be active within one island is added.
• Old subjects of drakony appearance can be thrown out now.

• There was a special tab in the guild menu - "Treasury".

• In treasury there is a monetary score of guild in gold. In this tab any liveryman can see a state of the account of guild and history of the last operations.
• Control of the rights is exercised on a tab "Participants" by means of the shortcut menu.
• There was a new rank of the character - the treasurer.  Such character can:  to draw out money, to declare taxation and to make other operations.  The treasurer is an officer and has all rights of the last.  This rank is given only by the leader of guild.
• The leader of guild and treasurers of guild possess the constant right to draw out money from the gildeysky score without any restrictions.
• Each player can see the amount of the debt to guild in a tab "Treasury".
• The option "Fund raising" is available to the treasurer of guild.
• The treasurer and officers can pay Dominion rates.
• Each player sees the amount of the debt in a tab "Treasury". Besides, in case of each input in game the liveryman receives the system message in a chat, reporting about what amount it owes guild.
• Value of a debt remains between all declared collections.
• In the presence of gold in treasury dissolution of guild is impossible.
• The Treasury interface not final also will be finished.
• There was a new rank - the derelict. It will be automatically appropriated to all characters who at the time of up-dating have a rank "Penalized person". Derelicts won't be able to replenish guild treasury.
• The rank "Penalized person" will remain with all functions, but characters of this rank, unlike derelicts, can replenish guild treasury.

• In the winter inhabitants Sarnaut mark:
- holiday of Patron Fer (on November 15 - on December 14);
- holiday of Patron Stagn (on December 15 - on January 14);
-  holiday of Patron Plam (on January 15 - on February 14);
- holiday of hramovnik (on January 1-5);
- birthday of Aydenus (on January 22-26).
- New Year (on December 20 - on January 15)

• Now last shock put with the opponent or the character is fixed in a window of a game chat in an appropriate tab.
• The subject "Simple Staff of Combining" is called now "A combining staff".
• Damned semi-precious stones can be inlaid now. They give the negative bonus to the characteristic. The complete set of semi-precious stones doesn't give an additional bonus if at least one of semi-precious stones is damned.
• The cost of activation of semi-precious stones bases is reduced.
• Speed of animation of particles of light is increased when actuating.
• The list of fractions in a tab "Reputation" (the menu of the character) is sorted alphabetically.
• Tooltip balloons for semi-precious stones are improved.
• It is possible to improve semi-precious stone now an improver same or more quality (including damned).

• Incorrect operation of ability "Foresight" is corrected: health wasn't recovered if the loss is received from a barrier.

• The error because of which ability "Inflow of forces" in certain cases didn't work is corrected.
• The loss caused by ice and electrical spells, is reduced approximately by 8%. The loss caused by a milestone "Static charge", is reduced by 50%.

• The error because of which in a game chat "Fight" wasn't displayed a loss caused by the Fatal potion is corrected.
• Ability "Natural equilibrium" doesn't force down now spell preparation, and also boards of the necromancer.
• Incorrect operation of a milestone "A bloody veil" is corrected.

• Ability "Shock of the chastener" is replaced with ability "A wave of the chastener", causing a loss to opponents in a front hemisphere.
• Ability "Shock of the paladin" is replaced with ability "A damnation of the paladin", superimposing on the purpose effect which locks entering treatment.
• Ability "Shock of the commissioner" is replaced with ability "Shout of the commissioner", significantly reducing a loss in all barriers. Time of restoration of all raso-class abilities of a hramovnik makes now 2 minutes.
• Expenses of energy and a loss from ability "A punishing sword" are reduced. Ability any more doesn't superimpose on the purpose effect "Sentence". The loss from ability "A connecting damnation" is reduced.

• The effect "Enthusiasm" can't be gained now from the perished participants of group.
• The effect "Ballad" is superimposed now directly on all group, instead of on 1, 2 or 3 characters depending on a rank. The effect lasts 1 minute. After effect removal, "Ballad" will make time of restoration of a spell 15, 7 or 5 seconds depending on a rank.
• The milestone "A fighting tune" reduces now time of restoration and power consumption for abilities "A dancing blade" and "A dancing blade" by 5, 10, 15% instead of 15, 30, 45% depending on a milestone rank.
• The milestone "Melpomene" any more doesn't reduce time of restoration of a spell "Muse". In addition to the normal effect, the milestone increases the speed of restoration of energy by 3, 6 and 9 units a second depending on a milestone rank.
• The effect "Requiem" is superimposed now not on all purposes in fight with the bard, but only on one accidental.

The general
• Quest "Yes will be light! ". The incorrect marker of execution of the job is corrected.
• Quest "Inevitable Punishment". The incorrect marker of execution of the job is corrected.

The thawing island
• The error because of which the quest "Damned Spark" wasn't set off is corrected if in duel with it to use a spell calling the double and to kill the monster.
• Amalgam received on the island now "dirty".

• The incorrect description of the quest "Favour to the Fallen" is corrected.

• Quest "Wrong Honey". The error because of which the quest was considered failed if to throw out the subject "Wrong Honey" is corrected.

• Operation of automatic relocation to a place of execution of the quest "Nominal Weapon" is corrected.

• Quest "General Hunting". The error because of which murder of the wild boars necessary for execution of the job wasn't set off is corrected.

• Interactive display of places of force on a map depending on fraction supervising them is added.

Gipat's splinter
• Operations on improving of game process are carried out.
• The error because of which after teleportation on Gipat by means of the subject "Mysterious Stone" the character received a loss is corrected.
• Quest "Ancient Guards". Time to a reuse of the subject "Staff of the Master" from 30 seconds to 3 is reduced.

• The quest "Research it! ". The error because of which the subject necessary for execution of the job, disappeared after game restart is corrected.
• For murder Kroks experience now isn't calculated.

• Styly Peak. In a zone near a saver of a portal now it is impossible to attack characters of opposite fraction.
There were the new portals facilitating relocation on a locations.

Windy hill
• The job "Hunting for the Invisible Being" can't be carried out, being in group.
• Job "Surprise and Win". The error because of which the lasso necessary for execution of the job, it was impossible to throw out from a bag is corrected.

• Incorrect operation of the job "Behind a Stone Door" is corrected.
• There was a portal to Tep's pyramid. For its activation it is necessary to carry out the job "Portal of the Black Pyramid".

Kingdom of Elements
• The production appearing after murder of Vyzhigi, doesn't disappear now within 2 hours.
Boss Vyzhiga now 55th level. The production received after its murder, also will be the 55th level.

Junes Catacombs
• To pick up a chest on the second circle, the character shall have now 2 effects: "The charged battery" and "The hopping device is activated".

• Registers of astral fields can be handed over now on 10 pieces for time.
• Now after revival of the character the pet gains effect of invulnerability and inactivity, as well as the pagan.
• Sorting of the list of guilds on the Dominion map is improved.
• There was a visual design of a place of capture of a point.
• Display of emblems of guilds on a map is improved.
• The battle interface is improved. The icons designating capture of flags are finished.
• Now participants of champion fights receive an additional bonus to number received for the Dominion the Druze: the performance on the Dominion is more successful, the it is more bonus.
• Now for champion groups only champion groups are selected. If in queue one champion and one simple group, fight doesn't take place, there will be no suitable rivals yet.
• Dominion keys aren't required now. Instead in a window of battles there was a restriction on battle visit - 5 times a week.

Dead City
• It is impossible to receive subjects of drakony appearance and authority for murder of bosses for guild more.

• There was an opportunity to fly to rough sectors of an unexplored astral with automatically collected group of characters.
For this purpose it is necessary to take the job in port and to wait group collection.  After a while the group of players gets on the island.  In case of shortage of characters they will be replaced by appropriate mercenaries.  Having passed the island, the player can leave group and wait for the following collection if wants to fly still, or to wait for new departure in it (with a dobor of characters if it is necessary).

Also there was an opportunity to select islands as production (equipment) at the appropriate not game character. Collection of group happens to similarly normal collection - to all conditions necessary for this purpose.
• Now initially 14 sectors of an unexplored astral instead of 3 are available to the character. Maps and copies of maps within the Unexplored astral open new sectors twice quicker.
• Operations on increase in the competition for chests of the abnormal sector are carried out.
• The income in Trade wars and "Karavanna to the road" for compliance to the 55th level is increased. In the Mysterious astral the trade alodiums buying goods at more favorable prices, than in the Unexplored astral are added.
• The loss from the Adrenaline modifier goes now directly to the character, instead of to barriers.
• In an astral there was a new region in which characters should battle to monsters and whenever possible to find treasures.
• In game there was a new location - Astral academy where open moorings for the ships are located.
• There the hangar and port will be moved. The portal of Astral academy will be connected to the general transport network. On the island of characters Iskusnik, the Captain of mercenaries and other key not game characters will wait. Astral gate, smithy for improving of equipment and semi-precious stones will settle down there.
• There was a new service: "Paid moorings for the ships". Places on parking only five. And to get the pass on one of these moorings for the ship, captains should be overcome at auction. The auction for a lot goes in gold and lasts exactly a week (from the 25th day of every month, 19:00 Moscow time) then lucky will acquire the right to rearrange the ship from a hangar on the personal open mooring.

Within a month a number of services will be available to the master:
• Separate place for your ship with specifying of a name of the owner and his guild. Own mooring, hopping device and access to all functionality of Astral academy.
• Round-the-clock protection. Even when the hero isn't present on a network, his vessel remains on the mooring. Any character can evaluate external and internal furniture of your ship on advantage.
Free repair. The ship called on the mooring, will be under repair automatically (with restoration of the spent durability of the casing).
• Convenient collection of group. Being by the ship, it is possible to call on the hopping device of a vessel of colleagues, where they were (except as in fierce fight) even if the ship already took off from the mooring. This function is free, doesn't require time of restoration and doesn't spend ship crystals.
• Cruises over Sarnauta. The owner of the mooring is free to send at any time the ship to flight on picturesque corners Sarnauta: the woods of Svetolesya, heavy fighting on the Holy Land and other sights from height of bird's flight!
• In the range of awards for the abnormal sector the new color for Titanium and also the subject "Gold Character" is added.
• Now legendary maps of an astral (received in the Unexplored astral) open a mysterious astral to sectors in which semi-precious stones of rare quality fall out.
• The maps received after murder of bosses on islands of an unexplored astral, open now a sector of a mysterious astral.

• The Astral Barrier modifier is disconnected.
• Duck Reach. The boss of the Smoke Impudent absorbs now all loss when is under effect "Smoky clubs".

• The jump on the island by means of an astrolabe is possible now, if all participants of group by the ship.
• Manna burst from the reactor causes now an incorrect loss to the character and devices, proportional to value of overheating.
• Now in one group of characters there can be some astral ships.
• Now in case of construction the ship is given directly with the casing and the equipment 4 levels. At the seller of the free dealers it is possible to acquire the equipment of remarkable quality 4 levels.
• Power consuming of the Lightning engine of 7, 8 and 9 generations is reduced.
• The problem when after death of the ship its reactor could overheat infinitely is corrected.
• Icons of reformative crystals of 7-9 generations are corrected.
• Calculation of hits for astral demons is corrected, in particular Sprutoglavam and to the fierce demon tempter - won't be now misses in case of the correct induction of guns on them.
• The interface of a ship vizor is improved. For use of abilities now it is rather simple to select the purpose (scaling function has now only visual effect and doesn't influence in any way possibility of use of abilities). From the vizor interface effects on the purpose and the ship now are visible.
• The error because of which the forcing of ship boards incorrectly worked is corrected.

• Movement any more doesn't interrupt process of manufacture of subjects.
• Now all subjects for the professions, received after murder of bosses on islands, the character will receive in special chests. Subjects for the professions, found among trophies after murder of monsters on zones, also will be in chests, except recipes.
• The point of a dialog of the instructor of alchemy on purchase of improvings for tools is carried out from the general list of dialogs.
• In game there was an opportunity to create the weapon. Having studied this profession, the character will be able to make all types of weapon.
• Ore, pick and the fuel, used for creation of subjects, the general with blacksmithing. In the course of manufacture it is used omniy.

А еще я почти доделал для вас видео с PTS!
And still I almost completed for you video from PTS!

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