1 ноября 2012 г.

Short Photo Report • Allods Online Birthday Party!

Hi American and European community!
I do not know how you celebrate birthdays favorite online projects in real life, but we have it going on in Moscow, at the club. Last year it was a club "Paradise," and this year, "Pacha". Offers a look how we look at all- Russian gaming community.


At these badges wrote their nicknames, guild and server.
Many players have never seen- only Skype, TeamSpeak & RaidCall

Marked bracelets

Ensar, Chudnen'kaya(Wonderfuly), SamkaVoin(FemaleWarrior)- yeah, it isn't female! =)
Guild "Censored", server "Young Guard"

Gifts and photos for memory:

It's a shame, but was not able to visit this action...

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