3 октября 2012 г.

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Little unclear situation...

I do not know why it happened, but my link from here was deleted...
First post (not counting my post):

People, you are weird? Maybe you have a special developers? They do other quests locations and astral layer? 
Maybe for many will be new- developers are Russian, from AllodsTeam... For you is made only localization.

Differences can only be in the Events. I know too, that you choose to disable fifth level of patronage:

Bonus Damage: 250%
Bonus healing power: 250%
Bonus selected characteristic: info inaccurate
Therefore sometimes disable content that you are not satisfied... but the rest of the patches are the same.
Second post of GM:

Before a patch 4.0.0 goes 3.0.5... but at us it is called "A summer breeze"(it is let out at the end of summer, in Russia, at you it will be called on another): 

CC- English subs

Please, don't delete links, ask me, I will try to explain everything.
Have a nice day!(Sorry for my bad EN)

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