15 октября 2012 г.

Play test completed! • Installation completed

Поздравляю всех русскоязычных игроков с установкой дополнения "Владыки Судеб"! Желаю всем приятной игры!
Ваш я
followed by the text for GM from a forum gPotato|далее для GM c gPotato

PS: I was surprised by your behavior...[link] All information has been collected from the official website, so that it would be able to find and read people who are interested. An update was long ago established. While on a test server. That's what I said I had enough representation. Just talked about it with other players who decided to try to update earlier. We collect bugs and make reports on the official forum.
On the main page there are still those messages. In sight: 
In order to be able to understand everything, I added a button "Translate my Blog!", which apparently ignored. 

Hi gys,
"It's really funny how all the "experts" like you are judging the patch that isn't yet installed even on RU."
is why I'm locking topics about the 4.0 patch. There is no point talking about an update that isn't even live in Russia yet. We have one more update to get through before we start building towards that, let's get that launched on our server and we can then start thinking about 4.0

Again, "expert" knew what he wrote, 'coz he tried this content. Wrote in the hope that you will read... 
With best wishes, I
PPS: I don't know аs at you use private messages...

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